Kardamena Traditional House & Folklore Museum

Kardamena Traditional House & Folklore Museum

Located right on the harbourfront in Kardamena, this recently opened folklore museum gives a real insight into typical Greek village everyday life throughout the last century. This museum is set up inside to reflect a Traditional Greek House, displaying an interesting collection of traditional ceramic plates and handwoven textiles, as well as kitchen utensils and household items.

It should be noted that until a few decades ago the main income of the local people of the village was still coming from agriculture, cattle breeding and fishing. Also, most households were self-sufficient from which they obtained their own products and meat. Even today, 80% of households will also have a 'harafi' located on the outskirts of the village where they will keep their chickens, maybe even a goat or two and where they grow their own vegetables and fruits. This Traditional Greek House museum also displays agricultural tools employed by local villagers at particular time-frames in history.

These have been preserved with great care and have been handed down through the generations. All of the items are displayed in a magnificent manner and provide a glimpse into the life of people during various historical periods here in Kos. This small village museum revives the traditions of the inhabitants of the village of Kardamena and the local people have now offered Kosweddingart.com couples the chance to hold their wedding ceremonies here. Your ceremony will be conducted by the local Mayor. Because of it's location, there are ample photo opportunities, both on the harbourfront or even the beach.

Why not really follow Greek Tradition and hold a small ouzo party before your ceremony and then use our Traditional Greek Band to escort you to your ceremony? Although there is no charge for holding your ceremony at the Traditional Greek House Museum, it would be a nice touch to make a donation to contribute to the museum upkeep.

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